Frozen Party: Elsa’s Performance at Ice Palace

Starting from today until the end of the Frozen Party, penguins can access the Ice Palace and watch Elsa’s live performance!

Upon entering, you’ll be prompted to collect the furniture items. The furniture items are available for everyone.

Dialogue 3

Then, when you see Elsa perform on the stage, click on her to get Elsa’s Giveaway background item. Now with the background, you can join in with Elsa’s party at the Ice Palace!

Ice Palace 1

The Ice Palace is accessible from the Frozen Party Map and the Snow Forts.

Waddle on!

P. S. CP gave us that surprise by letting penguins in the Ice Palace earlier than what was originally planned. Isn’t that great?

CP Blog: Chattabox’s Frozen Mania

As Chattabox likes the Frozen Party, she wanted to share the fun with you penguins! Chattabox made an idea of a “Frozen” party by going around the island exploring things in “Frozen” and singing the best “Frozen” songs. Now, she want you guys to join in the fun by dressing in your favourite Frozen outfits and helping her freezing the island into a “Frozen” paradise!


The meetup is on Thursday, August 28 on server Down Under at the Forest. Here are the start times:

  • 4pm East Australian Standard Time
  • 6pm New Zealand Standard Time
  • 7am UK Time
  • 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday, August 27.

Waddle on!

Preview: Elsa’s Performance

Some penguins managed to get into Elsa’s Ice Palace and get a peek on her performance before the Ice Palace opens to the public which was set by Club Penguin to be unlocked at 12:00am PST on Thursday, August 28.

Here’s a sneak peek of Elsa performing at the Ice Palace:


The Furniture items given by Elsa can be claimed at the menu while Elsa’s giveaway background is available only when Elsa is performing at the Ice Palace. Both are scheduled to be unlocked at 12:00am PST on Thursday, August 28. Instructions are available in the future when both items are unlocked.

Waddle on!

Daffodaily5 POTW: Biker Hotrod

Last Friday, Daffodaily5 announced the Penguin of the Week for the previous week selected by the CP team. The previous week’s POTW is… Biker Hotrod! Here’s what Daffo said about him:

“Is it Friday already? Well you know what that means; time for another new Penguin of the Week. Let’s give a big round of applause to… Biker Hotrod! This penguin may come across as shy at first, but after you get to know her you’ll find out how much fun she is to be around. As well as being super stylish, she’s generous and aspires to spread kindness throughout CP. Thank you for being an awesome citizen of CP, Biker Hotrod!”


Have a nomination? Leave them by clicking here and commenting. Future winners will receive a Penguin of the Week Background awarded by Daffo and 10k coins.

Waddle on!

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