Club Penguin Update: November 26

Tonight Club Penguin will be updated at around 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm PST with the following new features:

  • New pin
  • New newspaper
  • Other updates TBD

Rockhopper and the Pirate Crabs Photo Gallery

WARNING: contains spoilers until you have defeated the boss crab at the Cove.

Here’s a photo gallery of the behind-the-scenes of Rockhopper and Yarr’s discovery of the secret treasure map held by those pirate crabs.

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Mod Meetup: November 24

It’s the time where a mod from Club Penguin will be joining in the fun with the community with a weekly Mod Meetup. For this week, the featured mod will be… Shibe!


Want to meet him and ask him questions? He’ll be on server Mountain at 2:00 pm Penguin Standard Time today. You can also leave your questions for him by commenting at

Waddle on!

Daffodaily5 POTW: ?????? (WHO IS HE?)

Today, Daffodaily5 announced the Penguin of the Week for this week selected by the CP team. This week’s POTW is… ??????


EPIC FAIL! NAH, it’s just a technical mistake with the CP blog POTW system. (Pssssst… it’s the sasquatch, isn’t he?)

Club Penguin Android App Announcement

It’s now good news for Android users who have waited so long for the Club Penguin mobile app because the Android version of the CP app is coming this December!

The Android version of the Club Penguin app will have the same features as the current iOS version of the app. Along with some of the amazing games where you get to earn coins, but you can also use those coins to purchase items and to change your penguin’s outfit!


According to the CP team, the short-term plan for Club Penguin apps for Android devices is to release the Club Penguin app first, then to focus on other fun CP-related games on Android in 2015. So there might be a long wait before the Sled Racer and Puffle Wild apps would be available as an Android app.

Waddle on!

CP Blog Fan Art: Rockhopper Island

Last time, the CP team wanted some of your imagination of how Rockhopper Island looks like. Now, here’s some of the creative drawings that the Club Penguin community submitted:


You can still submit your Rockhopper Island drawings by clicking here.

Waddle on!

Pirate Party Music

Since the Pirate Party is on, why don’t the pirates take some time to hear some of the music used in the party and enjoy a cup of cream soda? Arrrrr!

Pirate Party Guides


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