Club Penguin iOS App v1.4 Released

The newest major update where puffles and room additions have been released! Club Penguin v1.4 allows penguins to play with their puffles and explore more rooms along with the features in the previous Club Penguin app update.

Icon 3

It is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. If you haven’t installed the app yet, you can download the app from the Apple App Store on your iOS device. Search the required keywords and choose “Club Penguin” from the menu. Then, tap on “Download” to download the free app. You may need to enter your Apple ID and password before downloading.

If you already have installed My Penguin on your iOS device, update the app by entering the Updates section of the Apple App Store, find the app, and tap on “Update”. The app will automatically update. You may need to enter your Apple ID and password before updating. Please make sure the app has been updated to Club Penguin v1.4 as Club Penguin v1.3 is now inoperative. You now need to update your iOS device to iOS 6.0 or later in order to continue using the app. Please make sure your iOS device has iOS 6.0 or later installed.


Waddle on!

Reminder about the Pet Shop and Puffle Roundup

After the Puffle Party update, the Pet Shop employee door has been replaced by the Puffle Park access door which allows access to the Puffle Park. Therefore, Puffle Roundup has been relocated to the Puffle Park.

Puffle Park

To play Puffle Roundup, go to the Puffle Park, waddle to the Puffle Roundup sign and follow the instructions on the screen.

Waddle on!

Minor CP Updates: April 16

Here are the minor updates on CP for this week:

Loading Screen: The new loading screen reminds penguins about the Puffle Party.

Load Screen 4

Emotes: 3 new Puffle Party emotes are available for a limited time.


Map: The Puffle Party themed map is available for a limited time.


Igloo List: During the Puffle Party, members who activates an igloo with the Tree Fort will have his/her igloo on the list accessible by the map or waddling from the Snow Forts.

Igloo List

Waddle on!

Puffle Transformations: Effects to Player Cards

When penguins transform into a puffle, their player card’s background will be a puffle waddling around the puffle forest with a puffle in it. Even if you transform into a puffle you still can see your coin balance or open your stampbook. A puffle transformation of yourself doesn’t affect your actions to other players. Here are some player card examples:

Cat Puffle 1

Figure 1 This is how your player card looks like when you transform into a puffle.

Dog Puffle 1

Figure 2 A dog puffle.

Gold Puffle 1

Figure 3 A gold puffle.

Dino Puffle 1

Figure 4 A dino puffle.

More examples coming soon. :)

Puffle Transformations

During the Puffle Party, penguins can transform into puffle. Here are the steps of how to become a puffle.

1. Open the Puffle Party menu by clicking on the puffle board on the top-right corner and click on Transform.

Item Menu 1

2. Select a puffle to transform into and click on Transform.


3. Enjoy the fun as a puffle!

Cat Puffle 2

To revert back into a penguin, click on the Revert button on your player card.

Cat Puffle 1

Waddle on!

Club Penguin Times #443

Puffles Flip for Tricks! – PH introduces the Puffle Party along with the new Puffle Park, Puffle tricks and cat and dog puffles.

Rockhopper Back at Sea – After a week of stopover, Rockhopper sets sail after helping PH to care the car and dog puffles.

Upcoming Events:

Now: Puffle Park

May 1: Funny Hat Week @ Dock

May 8: Penguin Style

May 8: Planet X @ Stage

CPTimes 443

Puffle Party 2014: Free Items

This year, there are 7 free items for everyone and 7 additional items for members to claim during the Puffle Party. You need to claim these items before the Puffle Party ends.

Go to the item board and click on Collect to claim the items. Only members may claim the member items.

Items 1: located at the Stadium

Items 1

Items 2: (unlocks on April 18)

Items 3: (unlocks on April 19)

Items 4: (unlocks on April 20)

Items 5: (unlocks on April 21)

Items 6: (unlocks on April 22)

Items 7: (unlocks on April 23)

The Lavender Bunny Ears are located at the Beach. Waddle to the item box full of bunny ears to claim the item. Anyone may claim the item.

Bunny Ears

Puffle Party Guides


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