Daffodaily5 POTW: Serena16689

Today, Daffodaily5 announced the Penguin of the Week for this week selected by the CP team. This week’s POTW is… Serena16689! Here’s what Daffo said about her:

“Serena16689 has been a super active player for a couple of years now. She’s sooo busy when she’s online, she’s rarely seen just sitting around doing nothing. If she’s not in the Pet Shop adopting a new puffle, she’s playing games with her pals, helping new players around the island or checking out the latest Penguin Style catalogue in the Clothes Shop. She’s a dedicated fan, a great buddy and a super stylish penguin about town! That’s why she’s the Penguin of the Week!”


Have a nomination? Leave them by clicking here and commenting. Future winners will receive a Penguin of the Week Background awarded by Daffo and 10k coins.

Waddle on!

Throwback Thursday: September 18

If you’ve joined Club Penguin before the summer of 2013, then you’ll probably remember the Recycling Depot that formerly stood at the Mine Shack.

Old Mine

The Recycling Depot opened to the public during the Earth Day party in 2010. The purpose of the Recycling Depot was to educate penguins about the importance of recycling more often than producing garbage. There was also a garden beside the entrance to the Mine.

However, the Recycling Depot received relatively little use, and Club Penguin had plans to replace the depot with a new room. Finally, in July 2013, the Recycling Depot was replaced by the CP University building while the garden was replaced by the playground.

Mine Shack

There is a “Go Green” stamp where it is earned and added to the stamp book after throwing 10 items to the chute at the Recycling Depot. With the depot gone, the stamp is now rare and not earnable anymore.

See you next week for another Throwback Thursday! Waddle on!

School & Skate Party Tasks and Items

Rookie left his stuff at different rooms and he wants you to pack his stuff before he gets into trouble. During the School & Skate Party, you will need to find 3 items in each of the following rooms: School Hallway, Classroom, Gym, Skatepark, Mall, and the Pizza Parlour.

Items 1 Items 2 Items 3

Here are the clues when finding Rookie’s stuff:

  • Skatepark: classroom stuff
  • School Hallway: art stuff
  • Classroom: sports balls
  • Gym: science stuff
  • Pizza Parlour: random things?
  • Mall: food

When you found the item, click on the item to pack it. Once you have 3 items packed from the room, you’ll unlock a members-only item and an item for everyone specific to the room.

Once you have all 18 items collected, you’ll unlock the Schoolhouse Igloo. CP will pledge to build schools in Ecuador, Haiti and India, and send out over 14,000 backpacks to students.

Items Complete 1Items Complete 2Items Complete 3

Other items: Everyone can collect a backpack from the tasks and items menu, and members can collect 4 differently designed skateboards, the Brunette Skater Pigtails, and the Orange Skate Spike Helmet.

Waddle on!

School & Skate Party Rooms

During the School & Skate Party, penguins can explore the different rooms decorated for the party.

The Skate park is the newest addition of the CP room collection. Penguins can hang out and chat there. If you’re a member and have your skateboards ready, you can go skateboarding! Make sure to wear your helmets before skateboarding as safety matters!


Some of the other rooms are decorated. The School and its surroundings have Team Sharks colors and logos to celebrate the Sharks’ victory at the Penguin Cup earlier this summer.

ClassroomForestGymMallMine ShackPizza ParlourPlazaSchool Hall

However, Rookie needs your help to remove some of the items in certain rooms. If you help him clean up all the rooms, you’ll get something good in return. Click here for more info about cleaning up the rooms and obtaining items.

School & Skate Party Guides


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