Halloween Party 2014: Sneak Peeks

A series of Halloween Party sneak peek images have surfaced from the Spanish Club Penguin official blog. The Halloween Party has been confirmed to be the designated party for October 2014.


By looking at the 3 mini-images, what features do you think will appear in this year’s Halloween Party? Take a guess!

Waddle on!

Mod Meetup: September 29

It’s the time where a mod from Club Penguin will be joining in the fun with the community with a weekly Mod Meetup. For this week, the featured mod will be… Shrub Shrub!


Want to meet him and ask him questions? He’ll be on server Alaska at 2:00 pm Penguin Standard Time today.

Waddle on!

CP Fan Artists Needed!

Club Penguin Fan Artists and Drawings needed for the 9th Anniversary celebration video! The CP team wants you to draw your favorite memories of Club Penguin and submit them at the Fan Art page. You have until the end of Sept. 30 to submit them, so show off your creativity!


CP Short Video: Late for Work

OMG! Someone’s late getting up for work! With only a few minutes before being officially late for work, he has to use the ultimate thing so that he can race to the office: a skateboard!

WARNING: The stunts and tricks shown in the video below are performed by a trained athlete. Do not perform the same stunts and tricks anywhere, as Club Penguin and Loo’s CP Cheats are not responsible for any injuries caused by the re-production of the stunts and tricks aforementioned. You have been warned!

P. S. Customize your Club Penguin skateboard now at http://zazzle.com/clubpenguin

VIDEO: I’m A Mod – Club Penguin Moderator Rap Battle

Club Penguin knows that moderators have to work hard to monitor the proceedings of the Club Penguin community to make sure it’s safe for everyone as well as maintaining public relationships (such as emailing players who were awaiting for a reply) and making sure the CP system is working well to provide a safe playing environment. To give a shoutout to the hard-working moderators, CP made an amazing video showing the awesomeness of the mods.

Throwback: Old Igloo Editing

If you’ve joined Club Penguin before the end of July 2012, you’ll probably know the old version of the igloo editing menu.

Dojo Igloo

The old igloo editing menu is pretty simple. Here are the following features:

  • Igloo Music: Members were allowed to select a music piece to be played in their igloos.
  • Items: Members can view the furniture items they have in their inventory, then select one to be placed into the igloo.
  • Furniture Catalog: Members can view the monthly furniture and buy them in the catalogue.
  • Igloo and Flooring: Members can change their igloo and its flooring for a fee.
  • Save: Saves the changes to the igloo.

However, there were cons to the simple igloo menu, especially when lots of coins are needed to be paid in order to change the igloo or the flooring. Eventually Club Penguin decided to change the igloo menu where penguins can now save three igloos per account, purchase igloos and flooring where they are added to the penguin’s igloo inventory so that they can be used without having to pay again, purchase igloo backgrounds and choosing where to live, clearing the igloo without the need to change igloos, and playing music pieces recorded from SoundStudio in igloos. Penguins can also like their own and their friends’ igloos to show out the popularity of their igloo.

See you next time for another throwback to be shared! Until then, waddle on!

Club Penguin Times #466

Dodgeball at the Gym! – Thanks for the help from the students to clean up the school for Rookie, the Gym is ready to host dodgeball matches!

Science and Art Combine! – While Gary is experimenting in science class, Darwin the puffle was more interested in combining paints with science.

Upcoming Events:

October 2: Penguin Style

October 9: Stage Update

October 9: Furniture & Igloo Catalog

CPTimes 466

School & Skate Party Guides


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