Daffodaily5 POTW: Wheels0302

Today, Daffodaily5 announced the Penguin of the Week for this week selected by the CP team. This week’s POTW is… Wheels0302! Here’s what Daffo said about him:

“Wheels0302 is a kind penguin who really looks out for others and speaks out against bullying online. He likes to help spread the word about this important message by getting other players involved with hosting anti-bullying parties in Club Penguin! Great job!”


Have a nomination? Leave them by clicking here and commenting. Future winners will receive a Penguin of the Week Background awarded by Daffo and 10,000 coins.

Waddle on!

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Special Video

Over the past 9 years, Club Penguin has grew up with everyone who loved this exciting online interactive game with the community. Now, here’s a tribute to the anniversary with loads of artworks from the amazing artists around the world in one video that the Club Penguin Team spent lots of time to make and edit. Enjoy the video and remember: say happy birthday to CP!

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Mod Meetup

Today (October 24) is the actual celebration of Club Penguin’s 9th anniversary. The whole Club Penguin Team will be online today to celebrate this amazing event along with the players who supported Club Penguin for the past 9 years.

Here are the party details:


Megg and Ninja are still making a video featuring artwork from players from all around the world, and it’ll be released later today at the earliest.

Celebrate and party on!

Club Penguin 2013-2014 Yearbook

The 2013-2014 Yearbook has been added to the Club Penguin Books collection. To open the year book, go to the Book Room, open the book shelf and find the yearbook.


Here are the secret things to reveal the past featured pins in the following pages (click on it to reveal the pin, but you can’t get the pin):

October 2013: pumpkin on the book

Page 1

November 2013: bear paw helmet

Page 2

December 2013: CFC logo

Page 3

January 2014: red dino puffle

Page 4

February 2014: The Fair logo

Page 5

March 2014: suitcase

Page 6

April 2014: dog puffle’s tongue

Page 7

May 2014: UFO

Page 8

June 2014: golden soccer ball trophy

Page 9

July 2014: SoundStudio booth

Page 10

August 2014: Elsa’s snowflake

Page 11

September 2014: drawing of a puffle on the notebook

Page 12

And here’s the mascot photo gallery:

Gallery 1Gallery 2

Waddle on!

Haunted House Level 7 Spoiler


A spoiler of one of the levels in the Haunted House situated in the Puffle Hotel has been revealed among some of the penguins within the Club Penguin social media community. Based on the number on the top of the elevator doors shows up, it is level #7. In that level, you’ll need to do a certain task before revealing an important item to fix the machine, but we’ll not go into detail. The level 7 quest will be released on October 24.

Level 7 Flash File

UPDATE: The quest for level 7 has been released. Click here for the quest info.

Minor CP Updates: October 23

Here are the minor updates on CP for this week:

Load Screen: The loading screen has been updated to remind penguins about the Halloween Party festivities.

Load Screen 10

Map: The Halloween Party styled map is available only during the party.


Emotes: 3 Halloween Party emotes are available on the emote menu for a limited time.


Waddle on!

Halloween Party Haunted House Quest and Items

Gary needs your help because Gariwald, Gary’s uncle is lost in the 13-storey haunted house and hasn’t come out yet! YIKES!

Here are the daily quests:

October 23: When you enter the Puffle Hotel, you’ll notice the elevator is not working. To use the elevator, go to the basement and switch the flip switches until all the lights are green. That means the elevator’s working and you can now proceed to the 4th floor.

Basement 1 Basement 2

At the 4th floor, you’ll see a room with the haunted fireplace, 2 haunted chandeliers, and 10 haunted light candles. Throw snowballs at them to douse the lights. Once all of the lights are doused, a gear will be revealed.

Level 4Level 4 Complete

October 24: At level 6, you’ll see a series of mirrors and a light source in the room. Position the mirrors by clicking on them so that the light source could face the puffle. A light source will be revealed when the puffle gets the light.

Level 6Level 6 Complete

At level 7, there are 4 paths in the room, and the task is to waddle to the correct paths based on the sequence of the colored pathways. Once you’ve waddle to the four pathways correctly, you’ll reveal a pot.

Level 7 Level 7 Complete

October 25: levels 8 and 9

October 26: level 11

General Levels:

Levels 1-3, typical levels of the Puffle Hotel, but with Halloween decorations

Level 5: Deluxe Suite. Nothing there, but with 3 ghost luggages that has 2 items: one for everyone and one for members only.

Level 5

Level 10: Luxury Suite. Nothing there, but with 3 ghost luggages that has 2 items: one for everyone and one for members only.

Level 12: You need to complete all of the puzzles before fixing the machine there. Here’s a glimpse of the Storage Room:

Level 12

Level 13: Nothing is there……….

Ghost Luggages contain 2 items each. One is for everyone and one is for members only. Click on “Collect” to get the item.

Luggage 1:

Page 1

Luggage 2:  unlocks on October 25

Luggage 3: unlocks on October 27

Luggage 4: unlocks on October 29

Luggage 5 unlocks on October 31

Luggage 6: unlocks on November 2

Halloween Party Guides


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