Inside Out Party – Find the Core Memories (Walkthrough)

The objective is to recover Rockhopper’s memories by finding the core memories scattered across the island of mind.

1. Enter the Headquarters. It is accessible by waddling from the Dock.


2. Click on one of the emotions. They’ll tell you what core memory they want you to look for. In addition, click on the “Claim” button to collect the clothing items. (click here for details on items)

HQJoy Dialogue 2

3. Waddle to the window. A map will show the islands that are in Rockhopper’s memory.


4. At different islands, you’ll see a core memory sphere. Make sure you choose the right core memory that each of the emotions has requested.

FoodLootImaginationDream ProductionsSubconscious

QUICK TIP: Here are the colors of the core memories that link to each of the emotions and their locations:

  • JOY – Yellow – Imagination Land
  • ANGER – Red – Loot Island
  • DISGUST – Green – Food Island
  • SADNESS – Blue – Dream Productions
  • FEAR – Purple – Subconscious

5. When you got each of the core memories, Return to the HQ and waddle to the memory projector in the middle.

6. Move the blocks and clear the way for the core memory.


7. Repeat Steps 3-6 for the other emotions.

8. Collect the Emotional Background when you’ve recovered all of Rockhopper’s core memories. Exit the HQ and Rockhopper will greet you with coin and item rewards.

Joy Dialogue 7Dialogue 3