Inside Out Party – List of Items

Here’s the list of items that penguins can collect during the Inside Out Party: (items that are bolded and italicized are for members only)

Collectible from the emotions stationed in the Headquarters and on the Party Menu:

Joy Dialogue 2Anger Dialogue 1 Disgust Dialogue 1 Fear Dialogue 1 Sadness Dialogue 1

  • ANGER – Riley’s Hockey Stick, The Anger, Angry Outfit
  • DISGUST – Bing Bong’s Hat, The Disgust, Disgustful Dress, Disgustful Shoes
  • FEAR – Riley’s Helmet, The Fear, Frightened Outfit, Fearful Shoes
  • JOY – Memory Bag, The Joyful, Joyful Dress
  • SADNESS – Happy Memory, The Sadness, Sad Outfit, Sad Shoes

Collectible after completing the quest:

Joy Dialogue 7Dialogue 3

  • Emotional Background
  • Coin and item reward from Rockhopper

Collectible from the Party Menu:

Item Menu

  • Bing Bong Outfit
  • Rainbow Unicorn Outfit