You Decide: Decorations for the 10th Anniversary Party

Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary Party is looming within a few months, and it’s the time where we time travel to the past by exploring the room decorations from the parties in the past.

It’s up to you penguins to decide the party decorations you want to see. Here are the available choices:


  • Adventure Party, 2009
  • Holiday Party, 2012
  • Penguin Cup, 2014

Beach_AdventureParty_2009 Beach_HolidayParty_2012 Beach_PenguinCup_2014


  • Submarine Party, 2008
  • Island Adventure Party, 2011
  • Card-Jitsu Snow Launch Party, 2013

Pizza_SubmarineParty_2008 Pizza_IslandAdventureParty_2011 Pizza_CJSnowParty_2013


  • Temple of Fruit Party, 2012
  • Prehistoric Party, 2013
  • Superhero Party, 2013


Now, follow these links below to the official CP blog to cast your vote by commenting, and do so before voting closes soon!

Waddle on!