Stage Costumes

Updated on June 4, 2014

The new Costume Trunk catalog allows penguins to buy costumes and props from the 15 classic plays that have been a part of the Club Penguin community. The plays are:

  • The Penguins That Time Forgot
  • Quest for the Golden Puffle
  • Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal
  • Battle of the Ancient Shadows
  • Underwater Adventure
  • Haunting of the Viking Opera
  • Ruby & the Ruby
  • Fairy Fables
  • Night of the Living Sled
  • Team Blue VS Team Red
  • Space Adventures
  • Secrets of the Bamboo Forest
  • Twelfth Fish
  • Norman Swarm has been Transformed
  • Humbug Holiday

In addition to the costumes and props, members can buy the Director items while everyone can purchase player card backgrounds for 60 coins each.

Please note most of the costumes and props are for MEMBERS ONLY.

BackgroundsDirectorSection 1a Section 1b Section 2a Section 2b Section 3a Section 3b Section 4 Section 5a Section 5b Section 5c Section 6a Section 6b Section 7a Section 7b Section 8a Section 8b Section 9 Section 10a Section 10b Section 11a Section 11b Section 12a Section 12b Section 13a Section 13b Section 14a Section 14b Section 15a Section 15b

Secret Items:

Click on the Fern Fuzz wig on the Penguins That Time Forgot section to reveal the Grass Skirt. (200 coins)

Section 1a editSecret 1

Click on the gold puffle on the logo in the Quest for the Golden Puffle section to reveal the Crook And Flail. (300 coins)

Section 2a editSecret 2

Click on the Funny Pig Snout that the lime green penguin is wearing on the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest section to reveal the Sunset Crown. (250 coins)

Section 12a editSecret 3

Click on the green gem of the Countess Hat that the purple penguin is wearing on the Twelfth Fish section to reveal the Ruffle Collar. (300 coins)

Section 13b editSecret 4

Click on the White Fuzzy Beard on the Norman Swarm has been Transformed section to reveal the Pointy Shoes. (200 coins)

Section 14b editSecret 5


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