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New Official CP Blog Design

After preparations and a series of delays, the official Club Penguin blog’s new design is finally here!


Check out the “new” Club Penguin “What’s New” blog by following this link:


Club Penguin Official Blog – New Look Sneak Peek

Remember when Club Penguin posted a calendar outlining all the events that are happening in June and in one of the days, it was supposed to be the release of the new look of the official Club Penguin Blog? Megg announced that to make it look more mazing, the released has been pushed back until mid-July so that the team can finish up some amazing touches to it.

Here’s the sneak peek of what the blog will look like:


Looks like it’s amazing, so we penguins should be so excited when it released mid-July! Share your thoughts about the new look at

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Puffle Updates: Puffle Park, Puffle Party and Puffles on CP App

Even though this month is not related to puffles, but Polo Field revealed on the official CP blog that something for puffles is going to be released next month!

Here are the puffle goodies for next month:

  • Puffle Park – A brand new puffle park will be located beside the Pet Shop. The current Pet Shop door and a future entrance from the Plaza will allow access to the park. All puffle care goodies are available when the park opens.
  • Puffle Party – As Polo Field mentioned on the official CP blog, the Puffle Party has been pushed to April so that a “puffle month” can be designated.
  • Brand new Puffles – Two new puffle species are under development. Polo Field mentioned that the coding is almost complete and the sneak peeks will be revealed at a later date.
  • Puffles on CP App – Puffles in 3D will be introduced on the CP App with a sneak peek revealed at a later date.


April will be a huge “Puffle month” so be ready for the excitement!

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Russian CP Released

Эй пингвины! (Hey penguins!)

Today is finally the day for penguins in Russia! While waiting for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi to commence, how about enjoying the Russian language of Club Penguin which has been released today!

Starting from now, penguins can follow the link below to play Russian CP: Penguins can just login using the normal login and server selection procedures which are the same as logging in to the game in other languages.

So, have fun playing Russian CP!

Вразвалку на! (Waddle on!)

Russian CP Announcement

Today Spike Hike announced that the Russian language of Club Penguin will be coming soon! This is great news for Russian penguins where they can now enjoy CP in their language!

Now, here’s the sneak peek of the Russian language of CP:


Russian CP will be released on February 6. The link to Russian CP is

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Announcement of the Big Update: CPNext

Spike Hike finally announced more information about Club Penguin’s new technology that was already partially implemented on the current My Penguin iOS app: CPNext.

As everyone knows about what benefits are there in CPNext, the main focus is on the release of rooms on My Penguin, igloo and room data sync, friend jumping, management of additional rooms in case one gets full, and much more! More benefits on CPNext gives an advantage for CP to develop the future!

View more information and the introductory video on the official CP blog post:

Trophies in the UK Club Penguin Magazine

First of all, Club Penguin players in the UK can buy the new CP magazine now as issue #24 has been released. But that’s not enough!

Today, Daffodaily5 announced a surprise exclusively for UK players that penguins who are featured in each subsequent issue of the Club Penguin Magazine will receive a prize from CP and a postcard confirming their prize.



For the first time a penguin gets featured in the magazine, he/she will receive a virtual trophy as an igloo furniture item and 1,000 coins. If the penguin gets featured 3 times, he/she will receive a gold virtual trophy as an igloo furniture item and 10,000 coins! Nice, isn’t it?

More information on trophies are available by reading the latest Club Penguin Magazine issue.

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