Herbert P. Bear

Herbert P. Bear Esquire is a polar bear with a history of disturbing peace on Club Penguin. He recently appeared on Operation Blackout when he captured Gary, then capturing other EPF agents as a part of his plan of stealing sunlight for himself and revealing the top secret files held by the EPF. His helper, Klutzy, assists him on his evil plans in order to take over Club Penguin. It is believed that he started to disturb peace on Club Penguin due to the nature that he is excluded from activities around the island. He also planned to destroy the island during the Star Wars™ Takeover in 2013, but failed.

Herbert P Bear

Figure 1 Herbert P. Bear during the Operation Blackout. Herbert is the only player as a polar bear, and is the only player with 14 characters (including spaces) in his name.

Herbert 1

Figure 2 What Herbert looks like during the Star Wars™ Takeover.


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