Rockhopper is a well-known famous pirate penguin which travels around the world. The Migrator, Rockhopper’s ship, is one of his marine transportation vehicle for the sea. Rockhopper’s puffle, Yarr, is the puffle that is responsible for looking after the Migrator when Rockhopper is waddling around Club Penguin. Rockhopper stops at Club Penguin for every 3-4 months for an event. During that time, Rockhopper will bring his rare items for sale, and opens his ship and quarters for penguins to play Treasure Hunt. Rockhopper mostly makes his appearance in the following parties:

  • Earth Day Party
  • Holiday Party
  • Island Adventure Party
  • The Fair
  • Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 (special appearance)



Figure 1 Status of the Beach when the Migrator is docked. (Temple of Fruit 2012)


Figure 2 Rockhopper during the Temple of Fruit in 2012.


Figure 3 Rockhopper during the Holiday Party (without pin).

Rockhopper Updated

Figure 4 Rockhopper during the Holiday Party (with pin).


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