Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles

Synopsis: Aunt Arctic has lost two of her puffles. It is up to you to find the whereabouts of her two puffles.



1. Click on Aunt Arctic. She’ll ask you to find her two puffles that went missing.

Step 1-1

2. Click on the map (located at the top-left corner) and go to the Ice Rick. At the Ice Rink, scroll to the right until you found a stack to photographs of a green puffle. Click on the photographs and insert it to your inventory (on the bottom-left corner).

Step 2-1Step 2-2

3. Return to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give her the photographs.

Step 3-1

4. Go to the Pet Shop and find the note on one of the puffle houses. On the note, it contains some characters that are to be decoded. Use the Character Decoding Key (located on the bottom-right corner) to decode the note. It should read: “G has (number) pairs of socks.” (PLEASE NOTE: The image of the note used in this context is only an example. The answer may be different each time you conduct this mission, so make sure you read and decode the note carefully at the Pet Shop before proceeding.)

Step 4-1Step 4-2Code

5. Go to the Sport Shop and ask G for the secret gadgets by clicking on him, then on “Yes, please!”. When G asks you how many socks does he own, enter the answer on the space provided and click on “This is my answer!”. He’ll open the cabinet for you. Click on the life preserver shooter and the grappling hook, and place them in the inventory. (PLEASE NOTE: The answer may be different each time you conduct this mission, so make sure you read the note at the Pet Shop described in Step 4 before proceeding to this step.)

Step 5-1Step 5-2

5a. Go to the Iceberg, and use the life preserver shooter to rescue the penguin stranded on the ice surface away from the Iceberg.

Step 5a-1Step 5a-2

6. Go to the Ski Hill, and use the tools on your Spy Phone to fix the telescope. After fixing the telescope, look through the telescope until you’ve found the whereabouts of the puffles.

Step 6-1Step 6-2

7. Go to the Tallest Mountain, and use the grappling hook to reach the tallest part of the mountain. At the peak, you’ll find the green and purple puffles Aunt Arctic mentioned about. Return to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give her the two puffles.

Step 7-1Step 7-2Step 7-3Step 7-4

Rewards: Mission 1 Medal, Letter from Aunt Arctic (complete Step 5a to receive the letter), 45 EPF Medals



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