Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins

Synopsis: The coins went missing from the vault located in the Gift Shop. It is up to you to recover the missing coins.



1. Click on Rookie. He’ll tell you the events leading to when the coins goes missing. Make sure to have him close the vault door and try reopening the door, which it won’t open and he couldn’t remember the code to access the vault.

Step 1-1

2. Go to the Gift Shop office and scroll to the right until you see an item under the orange sofa. Click on it, and you’ll see a boot disk and a paper clip. Place both items into the inventory.

Step 2-1 Step 2-2

3. Scroll to the left until you see a computer on a desk. Click on the computer, insert the boot disk and turn on the machine.

Step 3-1Step 3-2

4. Once the machine has booted up, click on “My Files,” then click on “Combination Number.” You’ll see the combination number for the vault. (PLEASE NOTE: The image of the combination code used in this context is only an example. The code may be different each time you conduct this mission, so make sure you read the code carefully before proceeding.)

Step 4-1Step 4-2

5. Return to the Gift Shop and open the vault using the combination number you’ve discovered from the boot disk and click “Confirm.” (TIP: The top code is for N, the right side code is for E, the bottom code is for S, and the left side code is for W.)

Step 5-1

6. Enter the vault. You’ll discover that the coins are on the ceiling. G will then call you to report to the HQ. Open the Spy Phone and click on “Visit HQ.”

Step 6-1

7. Click on G. He’ll ask you to watch a surveillance video clip on what happened at the vault.

Step 7-1

8. Click on the video screen of the vault. You’ll see that the coins went to the ceiling, unsure why the coins would land on the ceiling. G will then open up a drawer containing different keys.

Step 8-1

9. Click on the drawer and find the key that opens the rooftop door. Use the character decoding list to assist you.

Step 9-1

10. Return to the Gift Shop Office and use the key to open the rooftop door.

Step 10-1

11. At the Roof, you’ll see a “POWA-BOX” machine in action and a white fur. Click on the white fur and place it into your inventory. Open the “POWA-BOX” console using the tools on your Spy Phone.

Step 11-1Step 11-2

12. Insert the paper clip into the machine to disable it.

Step 12-1

13. Return to the Vault. You’ll see Rookie covered in coins. Click on the coins to make him pop out.

Step 13-1Step 13-2

14. Return to the HQ and give G the white fur you’ve found at the Roof.

15. Go to the Night Club. As power was cut off, you’ll need to turn on the Night Vision Goggles to help you navigate. Find the speaker that opens a way to the Boiler Room and click on it. At the Boiler Room, scroll around until you find the fuse box and click on it. Make sure you turn off your goggles before clicking on it.

Step 15-1Step 15-2

16. Click on the fuses until they are all green to restore the power of the Night Club and the Boiler Room. Instructions are provided.

Step 16-1Step 16-2

17. Return to HQ and notify G that you’ve restored the power for the Night Club and the Boiler Room.

Rewards: Mission 3 Medal, Card from Brown Penguin, 45 EPF Medals



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