Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue

Synopsis: There has an avalanche at the mountain, and the penguins stranded at the mountain needs your help.



1. Report to the HQ and click on G. He’ll provide you with the details about the avalanche. He’ll also unlock the door to the Gadget Room so you can take the life preserver shooter with you. Enter the Gadget Room and find the life preserver shooter.

Step 1-1 Step 1-2Step 1-3

2. Go to the Lighthouse and find a string of rope. At the Beacon, remove the telescope from the railing using the tools on your Spy Phone.

Step 2-1Step 2-2

3. Go to the Ski Lodge and find a fishing rod. Attach it to the life preserver shooter. Attach the rope to the shooter.

Step 3-1

4. Go to the Sport Shop and go upstairs to G’s office. Attach the telescope to the tripod. Click on the telescope to see the correct path to the stranded penguins. (TIP: On the telescope, the left side path represents the right side path when you go to rescue the penguins, and vice versa.)

Step 4-1 Step 4-2 Step 4-3a Step 4-3b Step 4-3c Step 4-3d

4a. Return to the Sport Shop and find a belt on the penguin display. Place it into your inventory.

Step 4a-1

4b. Return to the Ski Village and find the mechanism to run the ski lift. Insert the belt into the mechanism to make the ski lifts move again. At the same time, click on the white fur and place it into your inventory.

Step 4b-1Step 4b-3

5. Find the path to the stranded penguins starting from the start point of the Ridge Run, where the avalanche occurred. (See Tip.)

Step 5-1

6. Once you’ve reached the point of avalanche, use the life preserver shooter to rescue the penguins.

Step 6-1Step 6-2

7. After you’ve rescued all of the penguins, talk to G and give him the white fur you’ve found at the ski lift. (See Step 4b.)

Step 7-2

Rewards: Mission 4 Medal, Handy Penguin Award (Complete Steps 4a and 4b to receive the award), 45 EPF Medals



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