Card-Jitsu, released on November 2008, is a game that trains ninjas to the power to the three elements: fire, snow, and water. It requires patience and practice to become a successful ninja. Players will fight in a 1-vs-1 game with comparing elements. Numbers would be compared when both players shows their cards with the same element. The winner would advance and gain progress until getting the black belt and defeating Sensei to gain the honor of becoming a ninja.

Here are the following steps for newcomers playing Card-Jitsu for the first time:

1. Go to the Dojo.

Current Dojo 2

Figure 1 The Dojo.

2. Approach Sensei to get your Starter Deck and learn how to play.

3. Click “Earn your belts” to find an opponent to play with.

Menu 2

Figure 2 Click on “Earn your belts” to play against other penguins.

4. Play a card. Cards will be compared and the player with the best card keeps the card. Play continues until a player declares he/she has 3 cards of different elements and colors OR 3 cards of the same element but in different colours.

Game 1

Game 2

Figures 3 & 4 The game.

5. You will gain progress points and earn belts when you continue playing. You can challenge Sensei when you earn your black belt.

6. Click “Challenge Sensei” to play against Sensei. Normal rules apply for this game. When you defeat Sensei, you will receive your ninja mask.


Figure 5 Click on “Challenge Sensei” to play against Sensei.

Sensei Game

Figure 6 Play against Sensei for a chance to win the ninja mask.


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