Snow Ninja

Card-Jitsu Snow is a game in the Card-Jitsu Series, and is the first game in the series that only power cards are used, and is the game that does not involve training, instead ninjas are to use their available power cards to defeat enemies. Three players, one for each element, uses their elemental power to defeat 3 types of enemies. Power cards have a serial role in this game. Fire cards stun enemies; snow cards restores ninjas’ HP while water cards doubles the damage to enemies. If 2 or 3 power cards goes on each other, more effects come. Fire cards can add 3 points of damage to enemies; snow cards allow ninjas to build a shield and protect themselves until they get attacked while water cards allow ninjas to do 1.5 times the damage to enemies or restore 1.5 times HP for a ninja. For members, they can revive themselves and regain full HP with a special Bonus Revive Card. When they defeat enemies, they will get experience points.

To play Card-Jitsu Snow:

1. Receive your Snow Booster Deck from Snow Sensei if you haven’t done so.

Snow Starter Deck

2. Go to the Dojo.

Current Dojo 2

3. Enter the Snow Dojo through the Snow door.

Snow Dojo

4. Go on the bridge and click on “Yes” to play the game.

5. Select your element. Review the characteristics of each ninja and click on “Play” to wait for other ninjas to join. You can change your element before waiting for other ninjas to join.


Fire 1

Snow 1

Water 1

6. Wait for other ninjas to join. Once there are 3 ninjas joining the game, one of each element, the game will start.

Fire 2

Snow 2

Water 2

7. After entering the actual gameplay, select the tile you want your ninja to move. To confirm your move, click on the checkmark button beside the time on the top. PLEASE NOTE: ONCE YOU CONFIRM YOUR MOVE IT CANNOT BE CHANGED!!!

Gameplay 1

8. When you are close to an enemy, there will be a red target covering the enemy. Click on the red target to make it green, which means you will be attacking the enemy.

Gameplay 2

9. The power card meter will raise each time you move, attack an enemy and/or heal a ninja. When the meter is full, you’ll get a randomly selected power card. To use it, click on the power card you want to use and select the tile highlighted in red where you want to use it.

Gameplay 3

10. When it comes to 2 or 3 power cards used at once in the same turn, a combo of attacks and/or power-ups comes into effect.

Gameplay 4

11. (Snow ninja only) To heal a teammate, click on the target above the ninja with the tile highlighted in green.

Gameplay 5

12. To revive a fallen teammate, go closer to the fallen ninja and click on the target above the ninja with the tile highlighted in green.

13. (members only) To use the Bonus Revive Card, click on the golden card at the right of the deck. Once used, you’ll revive yourself and refill your HP to 100%. (more info)



14. There are 3 rounds in each game. The game may enter the bonus round providing the game has met one of the following conditions:

  • Full Health: All 3 ninjas must have full HP at the end of Round 3 to advance.
  • No Ninjas Down: A ninja must not fall even once for the entire duration of the game.
  • Time Limit: Round 3 of the game must be completed before the set time limit expires.

15. When a game is finished, you’ll see the following screen:


Rounds: The number of rounds you have completed. If you finish at the bonus round, each snow minion chip will appear for each snow minion you defeat.

Coins: The number of coins you’ve earned in the game. Double coin bonus when you earned all of the stamps in Card-Jitsu Snow.

Progress bar: Shows your progress to the next item. If you collected all 24 items, a note tells you that you have collected all Card-Jitsu Snow items.

Stamps: Shows the stamps you’ve earned. The stamps you’ve earned in the same game are highlighted.

16. When you get the Snow gem (13th item of the progress), you’ll have the opportunity to challenge Tusk, the master of Snow. Go to Tusk’s cave and follow the instructions outlined on this guide.

Snow Dojo 2

17. After selecting your element outlined in steps 5 and 6, the battle begins. Normal rules apply for this game with one addition: Snow Sensei will cover you with his powers for every 3 turns. When you defeat Tusk, you’ll unlock the final clip of the Card-Jitsu Saga and earn the Final Battle stamp.

Tusk Battle

Tusk Battle Success

18. When you collect all 24 items, you’re officially a Snow Ninja!!!

Progress Complete


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