SoundStudio is the newest music booth that allows penguins to mix their own music and share them where it is played at the Dance Club and sometimes, in igloos.

It is located at the Dance Club. Hover on the SoundStudio booth to play the game.

Dance Club

Start making your own music by clicking on the “Make Music” button. You can also listen to other player’s tracks by clicking on the playback button on each track.

SoundStudio Menu

Penguins can select between four genres of music which it can be selected at the left-side toolbar. For each genre, there are different kinds looped music at the left and one-shot sound effects at the right side of the controls.

Music1Music3 Music4 Music5

For the looped music, click to start playing and click again to stop. You can switch instruments at any time by clicking on any other instrument button. For one-shots, click to hear the sound effects.

(members only) Members have the option to record the music. Click on the “Record” button to start recording. Click on “Stop” to stop recording. For each music recording, the maximum recording time is 3 minutes. One the 3 minutes is used, the recording automatically stops.


(members only) Once the recording has stopped, you can choose a name for your track to be saved. Make sure to choose a creative name; general names are generally not accepted as saved music file names.

Save Menu

(members only) Once your mix has been saved, go to the Saved Tracks menu to look at your saved music tracks.

Saved Tracks 1

(members only) If you want any of your tracks to be played at the Dance Club, click on the switch beside the track you want to play to the “ON” position. To turn off sharing, turn the switch to the “OFF” position.

Saved Tracks 2

Once your tracks have been shared, you can go to the Dance Club to hear your track as well as like other player’s tracks!

Unlike its predecessor, the DJ3K, this does not allow penguins to earn coins by playing this game.


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