Water Ninja

Card-Jitsu Water is a game in the Card-Jitsu series. Two to four players fight to become the first player to cross the river while removing obstacles on the stones using Card-Jitsu cards. The original rules of Card-Jitsu is ported to this game, but this time it will rely on the power of the card to remove the flames, whirlpool or snow pile on the stones.

To play Card-Jitsu Water:

1. Go to the Dojo.

Current Dojo 2

2. Enter the Water Dojo through the Water door.

3. Go to Water Sensei to get your Water Booster Deck.

Water Dojo

4. Click on “Earn your Water Suit” to find players to play with. After 10 seconds run out or you gathered 4 players the game will start.

Menu 1

5. When the game starts, choose a card to play with. The card you want to play is highlighted.

Game 1

6. Choose the stone you want to play. The element of the card with either power up or down, or remove the obstacle on the stones, including the nearby stones (when a power card is used). Consider the following:

  • Fire cards powers down or removes snow piles on stones, but powers up flames on stones.
  • Water cards powers down or removes flames on stones, but powers up whirlpools on stones.
  • Snow cards powers down or removes whirlpools on stones, but powers up snow piles on stones.

7. Penguins can choose a stone to advance when it is not occupied by an obstacle.

8. The first player to reach the gong wins the match. However, players who fall off the waterfall are eliminated. When all other players are eliminated, the standing player automatically wins whether he/she reaches the gong or falls off the waterfall.

Game 2

9. Players gain progress points and Water Suit items when continuing the game. When you have all 4 pieces of the Water Suit, you can challenge Water Sensei for the Water Gem for your Amulet.

10. Click on “Challenge Sensei” to play against Sensei. Normal rules apply for this game. When you defeat Sensei, you will receive the Water Gem, which means you are a certified Water ninja!

Menu 2

Sensei Game

Friendly reminder: Due to the intensity of the game, players with slow computers ( <2GB RAM) are recommended to set the graphics setting to low quality to boost up performance of the game.


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