Megg POTWs: Snow P123 & Private257

Every week, Megg will announce the Penguin of the Week selected by the Club Penguin Team to honor the penguin for their friendship and good deeds. For last week’s POTW, the recipient is… Snow P123! She was nominated by Jo34512, who said:

“Hey Megg!! I would LOVE to nominate Snow P123!! She is SOO nice to every penguin she meets! She always throws the best parties in her igloo and has an amazing taste in style. She truly understands the meaning of club penguin and is the perfect penguin for penguin of the week”


Now for this week’s POTW, the recipient is… Private257! The penguin who nominated him said the following:

“First! I would like to nominate Private257. As much as he wishes he can friend them all, he has maxed out his friend list. And the reason for that is because penguins think he is too nice not to friend! Every day he plays with everyone! He also has a great taste in clothes, igloos and furniture! I can just go on and on about Private257, but I want to leave that up to you to discover! If you see him, make sure to say hi, and bake him a cake (just kidding) Waddle on!”



Club Penguin Times #510

Gary’s Report – Gary greets everyone from Rockhopper’s mind and reports his findings in there.

The Puffle Guides – PH recapped on the Puffle Guides and their duties from the Puffle Party four months ago.

Upcoming Events:

August 6: Penguin Style

August 6: Furniture & Igloo Catalog

August 6: New pin

CPTimes 510

Inside Out Pin

The Inside Out Pin is located on the rocks along the shore at the Dock and is available from July 22 until August 5. Penguins can access the Dock by using the Map or waddling from the Beach, Ski Village or the Town.

Inside Out

Club Penguin Times #509

Into the Minderizer 3000 – The Minderizer 3000 is stationed at the Dock, and penguins are inside the machine to find Rockhopper’s core memories with the guide of his emotions.

First Mate Yarr – Looks like Yarr, Rockhopper’s first mate, holds greater courage when he follows him in adventures!

Upcoming Events:

August 6: Penguin Style

August 6: Furniture & Igloo Catalog

CPTimes 509

Minor CP Updates: July 22

Here are the minor updates on CP for this week:

Load Screen: The loading screen has been updated to remind penguins about the Inside Out Party.

Load Screen 2015-07

Emotes: 5 new Inside Out Party emotes are available on the emote menu for a limited time.


Waddle on!

Inside Out Party – List of Items

Here’s the list of items that penguins can collect during the Inside Out Party: (items that are bolded and italicized are for members only)

Collectible from the emotions stationed in the Headquarters and on the Party Menu:

Joy Dialogue 2Anger Dialogue 1 Disgust Dialogue 1 Fear Dialogue 1 Sadness Dialogue 1

  • ANGER – Riley’s Hockey Stick, The Anger, Angry Outfit
  • DISGUST – Bing Bong’s Hat, The Disgust, Disgustful Dress, Disgustful Shoes
  • FEAR – Riley’s Helmet, The Fear, Frightened Outfit, Fearful Shoes
  • JOY – Memory Bag, The Joyful, Joyful Dress
  • SADNESS – Happy Memory, The Sadness, Sad Outfit, Sad Shoes

Collectible after completing the quest:

Joy Dialogue 7Dialogue 3

  • Emotional Background
  • Coin and item reward from Rockhopper

Collectible from the Party Menu:

Item Menu

  • Bing Bong Outfit
  • Rainbow Unicorn Outfit

Inside Out Party – Find the Core Memories (Walkthrough)

The objective is to recover Rockhopper’s memories by finding the core memories scattered across the island of mind.

1. Enter the Headquarters. It is accessible by waddling from the Dock.


2. Click on one of the emotions. They’ll tell you what core memory they want you to look for. In addition, click on the “Claim” button to collect the clothing items. (click here for details on items)

HQJoy Dialogue 2

3. Waddle to the window. A map will show the islands that are in Rockhopper’s memory.


4. At different islands, you’ll see a core memory sphere. Make sure you choose the right core memory that each of the emotions has requested.

FoodLootImaginationDream ProductionsSubconscious

QUICK TIP: Here are the colors of the core memories that link to each of the emotions and their locations:

  • JOY – Yellow – Imagination Land
  • ANGER – Red – Loot Island
  • DISGUST – Green – Food Island
  • SADNESS – Blue – Dream Productions
  • FEAR – Purple – Subconscious

5. When you got each of the core memories, Return to the HQ and waddle to the memory projector in the middle.

6. Move the blocks and clear the way for the core memory.


7. Repeat Steps 3-6 for the other emotions.

8. Collect the Emotional Background when you’ve recovered all of Rockhopper’s core memories. Exit the HQ and Rockhopper will greet you with coin and item rewards.

Joy Dialogue 7Dialogue 3

Puffle Party Guides

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