Puffles are the fluffy pets that were first discovered by penguins on November 2005. Since then, puffles were rounded and shipped to the Pet Shop, ready for adoption. Currently there are 12 colored puffles and rare puffles available for adoption. Members can adopt a maximum of 40 puffles while non-members are allowed a maximum of 2 puffles and are limited to red and blue colored puffles. All concepts on puffle adoption and care will be listed in the appropriate guides here. There are also games that involves puffles which will be included in this guide.

Topics about puffles:

Puffle Personalities

How to adopt a puffle

For rainbow puffles: Adopting a Rainbow Puffle and Puffle Hotel Tasks

For gold puffles: Gold Puffle Quest

(limited time only) For dino puffles: Adopting Dino Puffles

Puffle care

Puffle toys

Games involving puffles

Puffle Digging

List of items

List of golden items

List of prehistoric items

Igloo Backyards for Puffles


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Puffle Party Guides

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