Games involving puffles

Pet Shop

Pet Shop

Puffle Roundup: Herd up puffles to the fence without letting them run away.

Puffle Launch: Collect Puffle O’s in the sky by launching cannons around.

Pufflescape: Collect Puffle O’s in an icy cave full of traps and challenges.


Puffle Rescue: Save puffles from traps in the land, cave and sea.

Puffle assisted games

Green puffles can help collect coin in Jet Pack Adventure.

Red puffles can surf with penguins in Catchin Waves.

Yellow puffles can make some music in DJ3K.

Black puffles can challenge the caves on a cart in Cart Surfer.

Pink puffles can make bubbles for air in Aqua Grabber.

Purple puffles can dance off in a game of Dance Contest.


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