Adopting a Rainbow Puffle and Puffle Hotel Tasks

For Member penguins only.

To adopt a rainbow puffle, members need to complete the 4 tasks provided at the puffle hotel and launching from the cannon to the cloud where rainbow puffles live.

To adopt a rainbow puffle:

1. Go to the Puffle Hotel.


2. Click on the tasks board at the middle or the checklist at the bottom right corner.


3. Follow the instructions on the screen. Make sure you’re holding your puffle every time you do a task.

4. Once you complete a task, collect your coins and items, then wait for 20 minutes for the next task.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you completed all 4 tasks.

6. When you completed all 4 tasks, claim the Gourmet Puffle O-s. (or 500 coins if you have claimed the item)

7. To adopt a rainbow puffle, go to the rooftop at the hotel and waddle to the cannon. The cannon will blast you to the clouds.


8. Click on the rainbow puffle, choose a name for the puffle and click “Adopt” to confirm the name. Please note that you can adopt only 1 rainbow puffle each time you go to the clouds.

Rainbow Cloud

Adopt Puffle


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