Puffle care

Caring your puffle(s) is important. Puffles need to eat, play, bath, and sleep, and they need to be checked regularly to avoid them running away from their owners.

To care for your puffle, click on the puffle and the comb button in the middle after the quick stats pop up. This only works on puffles in igloos. To care for a puffle from the backyard, move the puffle from the backyard to the igloo. More info is available here. Note that the normal puffle care process does not apply to some puffles. Follow the instructions on the screen to find out how to care for a particular puffle.

Stats 1

Here are the following features when caring your pet:



Puffles like the food they want by a jumping action.

Puffle foods available from the Puffle Catalog:


Puffle O’s: basic puffle food. 50 coins for 10 pieces.

Carrots: orange vegetables. 50 coins for 10 stacks.

Apples: Red apples. 50 coins for 10 pieces.

Cheese: Cheddar cheese. 40 coins for 10 wedges.

Cayenne Peppers: Spicy and hot red pepper sticks. 40 coins for 10 stacks.

Broccoli: Greeny vegetable. 40 coins for 10 pieces.

Dragon Fruit: Red fruit with green skinny spikes. Gray meat inside. 50 coins for 10 pieces

Pizza: slices of pizza. 40 coins for 10 slices.

Pickles: Green sour and pickled tiny cucumbers with lumps. 40 coins for 10 stacks.

Cake: Cherry chocolate cake with pink icing. 40 coins for 10 slices.

Bubble Gum: pink bubble gum. 30 coins for 10 pieces.

Cookies: chocolate chip cookies. 20 coins for 10 pieces.

Favorite Food

Feeding Food

If a specific colored puffle eats their favorite food, all of their stats will be fully refilled.

A list of favorite food for each colored puffle are available by reviewing the Puffle Handbook.

Puffle Food Menu 2



Puffles will only play the toys that suits them. (they are highlighted)

Walk Puffle


Click on the Walk Puffle button (squared) to walk your puffle.



Use the water tub to bath your puffle. Use the comb to make different hairstyles for your puffle.



When your puffle needs some rest, use the sleep emote to your puffle.

Puffle Hats


Puffles can wear any hat but it is recommended that puffles wear a hat that suits them.

Puffle Handbook

The Puffle Handbook is available at the bottom right corner of the puffle care menu on top of the puffle catalog book.

New Puffle Care Menu

Puffle Papers

New Pet Papers

Certificate: opens the adoption certificate.

Puffle Treasure Digging Tip Sheet: opens the puffle treasure digging tip sheet by PH.

Remove Puffle: releases the puffle to the wild. Think before releasing; once the puffle is released it CANNOT be recovered!


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