List of Special Hoodies

This is a list of all of the hoodies that can only be dug out by cat and dog puffles. Please note that the items are for members only as the cat and dog puffles are also for members only.

Here are the possible hoodies that your cat or dog puffle can dig out:

  • Intentive Hoodie (Brown)
  • Intense Hoodie (Black)
  • Loyalty Hoodie (Blue)
  • Sporty Hoodie (Pink)
  • Gentle Hoodie (White)
  • Zany Hoodie (Orange)
  • Creative Hoodie (Yellow)
  • Fabulous Hoodie (Purple)
  • Playful Hoodie (Green)
  • Lucky Hoodie (Gold)
  • Adventurous Hoodie (Red)
  • Regal Hoodie (Rainbow)

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