Puffle toys and Furniture

Penguins can purchase puffle toys, hats and furniture to enhance the puffle’s abilities to play, eat, bath, sleep, and decorate their heads when the owner is in or out of the igloo. There are 3 kinds of puffle items: puffle species-specific toys, puffle hats, and furniture. To buy a puffle toy, hat or furniture, simply go to the puffle care catalog, select the puffle toy, hat or furniture you want to buy, and confirm your purchase to buy.

  • Puffle species-specific toys: toys that can be used only by a specific colored puffle.

Toys 1Toys 2

  • Furniture: food buckets, water bottles, puffle playing furniture, and shelters.

Furniture 1Furniture 2

  • Puffle Hats: puffle head decorations allowing to show your puffle’s personality.

Hats 1Hats 2Hats 3


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