Puffle Tricks

When a penguin walks his/her puffle, he/she can use a series of tricks to train the puffles or allow a puffle to dig coins or items instantly without the need to walk around.

There are 7 puffle tricks:

  • Love trick – allows the puffle to kiss the penguin.
  • Shout trick – allows the puffle to talk to the penguin.
  • Jump trick – allows the puffle to do a long jump.
  • Flip trick – allows the puffle to do a 180° flip.
  • Roll trick – allows the puffle to roll as far as possible.
  • Spin trick – allows the puffle to jump and spin at a 360° interval.
  • Instant digging trick – allows the puffle to dig coins or items from the ground instantly. It may be used once and the meter refills. Only when the meter if full that you are allowed to use this puffle trick.

Trick 1Trick 2Trick 3Trick 4Trick 5Trick 6

To select a puffle trick, open the puffle tricks menu. If you try to open the menu without walking your puffle, you’ll be prompted to walk your puffle.

Tricks Menu


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