Party Stamps (24) (updated on ?)

Party 1

Party 2

Party Puffle (Easy): Bring your puffle to a puffle room during the Puffle Party (has to be in same color).

Snack Shack (Easy): Operate a snack machine.

Celebration (Easy): Blow the candles on the Anniversary cake.

Construction (Easy): Drill with your jackhammer while wearing the hard hat.

Explorer (Easy, members only): Visit all decorated rooms.

Volunteer (Easy): Donate to the Coins for Change once.

Out At Sea (Easy): Explore to different places by travelling on sea.

Food Fight (Easy): Throw food at the Pizza Parlor during the April Fools Party.

Go Green* (Easy): Throw 10 items to the chute at the Recycle depot.

Snowboarder (Easy, members only): Use your snowboard.

Happy Room (Medium): Make 10 happy emotes in the same room.

Party Puzzle (Medium): Solve a puzzle during a party.

Target Champion (Medium): Shoot 50 targets in a game.

Monster Mash (Medium): Wear a Halloween costume during the Halloween party.

Scavenger Hunt (Medium): Complete a scavenger hunt.

Path Finder (Medium): Complete a path puzzle during a party.

Noble Knight (Medium, members only): Wear a knight costume during the Medieval party.

Tree Mob* (Medium): Gather 10 friends wearing trees in a room.

Music Maestro (Medium): Solve a music puzzle.

Trick-or-treat (Medium): Visit 10 Trick-or treat type igloos during the Halloween party.

Top Volunteer (Hard): Donate 5000 coins at once during Coins for Change.

Stunt Penguin (Hard): Complete a stunt challenge.

Mountaineer (Hard): Reach the top of the mountain.

Epic Volunteer (Extreme): Donate 10,000 coins at once during Coins for Change.

* This stamp can be earned at any time (same as Activities stamps)


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