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You Decide: Decorations for the 10th Anniversary Party

Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary Party is looming within a few months, and it’s the time where we time travel to the past by exploring the room decorations from the parties in the past.

It’s up to you penguins to decide the party decorations you want to see. Here are the available choices:


  • Adventure Party, 2009
  • Holiday Party, 2012
  • Penguin Cup, 2014

Beach_AdventureParty_2009 Beach_HolidayParty_2012 Beach_PenguinCup_2014


  • Submarine Party, 2008
  • Island Adventure Party, 2011
  • Card-Jitsu Snow Launch Party, 2013

Pizza_SubmarineParty_2008 Pizza_IslandAdventureParty_2011 Pizza_CJSnowParty_2013


  • Temple of Fruit Party, 2012
  • Prehistoric Party, 2013
  • Superhero Party, 2013


Now, follow these links below to the official CP blog to cast your vote by commenting, and do so before voting closes soon!

Waddle on!


Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Special Video

Over the past 9 years, Club Penguin has grew up with everyone who loved this exciting online interactive game with the community. Now, here’s a tribute to the anniversary with loads of artworks from the amazing artists around the world in one video that the Club Penguin Team spent lots of time to make and edit. Enjoy the video and remember: say happy birthday to CP!

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Mod Meetup

Today (October 24) is the actual celebration of Club Penguin’s 9th anniversary. The whole Club Penguin Team will be online today to celebrate this amazing event along with the players who supported Club Penguin for the past 9 years.

Here are the party details:


Megg and Ninja are still making a video featuring artwork from players from all around the world, and it’ll be released later today at the earliest.

Celebrate and party on!

Club Penguin 2013-2014 Yearbook

The 2013-2014 Yearbook has been added to the Club Penguin Books collection. To open the year book, go to the Book Room, open the book shelf and find the yearbook.


Here are the secret things to reveal the past featured pins in the following pages (click on it to reveal the pin, but you can’t get the pin):

October 2013: pumpkin on the book

Page 1

November 2013: bear paw helmet

Page 2

December 2013: CFC logo

Page 3

January 2014: red dino puffle

Page 4

February 2014: The Fair logo

Page 5

March 2014: suitcase

Page 6

April 2014: dog puffle’s tongue

Page 7

May 2014: UFO

Page 8

June 2014: golden soccer ball trophy

Page 9

July 2014: SoundStudio booth

Page 10

August 2014: Elsa’s snowflake

Page 11

September 2014: drawing of a puffle on the notebook

Page 12

And here’s the mascot photo gallery:

Gallery 1Gallery 2

Waddle on!

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party


Hiya penguins! Today is the ultimate day: Club Penguin is celebrating its 9th anniversary from today until October 29!

Coffee Shop

Club Penguin opened to the public on October 24, 2005, and for the past 9 years, it gave excitement to the players with more and better amazing features and parties, and everyone liked how Club Penguin worked out.

Starting from now until next Wednesday, penguins can get the 9th Anniversary Hat located on the party table at the Coffee Shop.

Party Table

Don’t forget to check out the 2013-2014 Club Penguin Yearbook!



Throwback Thursday + Anniversary Party Facts

Since the Anniversary Party is happening soon, we should use the time to talk about the previous Anniversary parties that happened on Club Penguin.

Here  are some of the facts on Anniversary parties:

  • The early Anniversary parties were one-day parties where penguins could only get the anniversary hat on October 24.
  • The 3rd Anniversary party in 2008 was the first Anniversary party to be extended to a weekend since October 24, 2008 was a Friday, and Club Penguin wanted penguins to have a chance to get the party hat on the weekend when the volume is high.
  • The 4th Anniversary party in 2009 was the first Anniversary party to be held on a weekend since October 24, 2009 was a Saturday. Still, the event was a one-day party.
  • The 5th Anniversary party in 2010 was supposed to happen on Sunday, October 24, but it started early on the Saturday of the same weekend (October 23).
  • The 6th Anniversary party in 2011 was the first Anniversary party to be held while the Halloween Party was already in progress.
  • The 7th Anniversary party in 2012 was the first Anniversary party to feature the photo gallery in the Yearbook.
  • The 8th Anniversary party in 2013 was the first Anniversary party to feature a redesigned hat with more than the usual 2-3 colors. It also featured the past Anniversary hats and rare items on display.

Here are the hats from the previous Anniversary parties:


The recent Anniversary Party happened from October 24-31, 2013. Here’s an image of the 8th Anniversary Party:

Coffee Shop

This year’s Anniversary Party is scheduled to happen from October 23-29, 2014. What features do you think will be there? We shall see when it happens.

See you next week for another Throwback Thursday! Waddle on!

CP 9th Anniversary Hat Sneak Peek

On October 24th, Club Penguin is celebrating its 9th anniversary, and there will be a new anniversary hat exclusively available during the party from October 23-29. Let’s review the first 8 party hats that were released as part of CP’s anniversary, and it’s time to guess what colors will the 9th anniversary hat will be. (Uhhhhh… I think everyone knows what colors the 9th anniversary hat will be as it was spoiled in Club Penguin Times Issue #468, which is now archived and available at the Boiler Room)


Since everyone already knows about the 9th anniversary hat, you can still give suggestions on colors and design for future anniversary and special party hats. Leave your suggestions by commenting at http://www.clubpenguin.com/blog/2014/10/anniversary-celebration-sneak-peek.

Make sure to get your very own 9th Anniversary Hat at the Coffee Shop from October 23-29, 2014!

Until then, waddle on!