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What’s Happening in August 2015?

Megg announced the fun stuff that is happening this month, but how about starting with you penguins solving the word scramble?

Here’s the Word Scramble:

1. idd uoy nitoec?!
2. nsfhiao ecaf off (senak epek)
3. nfiipdeshr day
4. epluff rhladne emte-up
5. attiilnrnnaeo cta ady
6. einntrtnoaila eshnlfdrate yad
7. sretrpeeepcousjrtc nekas eekp
8. igtsebg laoatgc rvee
9. teh safoinh elsavtif
10. emweraonlt ayd
11. tanu itccra eetm-pu
Answers coming soon!
UPDATE: Here are the answers!
1. did you notice?!
2. fashion face off (sneak peek)
3. friendship day
4. puffle handler meet-up
5. international cat day
6. international lefthanders day
7. projectsupersecret sneak peek
8. biggest catalog ever
9. the fashion festival
10. watermelon day
11. aunt arctic meet-up

Preview: Confirmed Events for July 2015

Now that we’ve entered the summer holidays for most Club Penguin players, how about we look at what’s happening on the month of July 2015 (there’s lots of stuff):


(click on the image above to enlarge)

Major Events Planned for CP: December 2014

This month, Club Penguin promised that they will continue the holiday excitement with some of the major events planned for us to celebrate and enjoy.


This month, the Merry Walrus Party will be the new version of the Holiday Party. It still includes some of the elements from its predecessors along with some new features that acknowledges the Christmas holidays from different regional traditions. In addition to the party, two new mobile apps are gonna be released this month: the Puffle Wild app for iOS and the Club Penguin app for Android. Anyone who wished CP to come alive on TV may find their wishes become true because a new Club Penguin TV show will make its debut later this month with sneak peeks to come soon.

Those excitements are the wonderful holiday surprises that CP have in store for you. Now, are you ready to celebrate?

Waddle on!

June Mini-event Sneak Peek

After receiving many positive inputs from penguins about the Funny Hat Week, this time CP decided to throw another mini-event: the Penguin Prom! Here’s a sneak peek of how the University would look like during the prom:


Celebrate the prom from June 12th until the 18th in your favourite prom outfit!

Waddle on!

Cadence Meetups for 5th Anniversary of French Club Penguin

To celebrate 5 years of French Club Penguin, Loustik005 (CP team member responsible for the French CP blog) decided to have Cadence celebrate the important anniversary and milestone with the players. From today until next week, Cadence will be roaming around the French island and celebrating with you penguins. Some of the known Cadence meetups are the following:

  • Friday March 14 @ 9:00 am, Yeti
  • Saturday March 15 @ 4:00 am, Jour de Neige
  • Saturday March 15 @ 9:00 am, Yeti
  • Monday March 17 @ 9:00 am, Yeti
  • Tuesday March 18 @ 8:30 am, Yeti
  • Wednesday March 19 @ 9:00 am, Yeti

Note: Server names above are French servers, meetup times are in Penguin Standard Time (PST).

Good luck finding Cadence! Waddle on!

Celebrate Russia at the Stadium!

To celebrate the first month of Russian CP (or even the Russian athlete performances at the Winter Olympic Games which already happened in Sochi), penguins can now explore the Russian-decorated ice Rink at the Stadium and get the free Welcome Hat! They are available for a limited time, so get it ASAP!

Russian Rink

Loo’s Easter Party: The Highlights

Today’s party for celebrating Easter and my penguin’s 1400 day since its birth was a success! We went to the puffle hotel and chilled out. Then we played sled racing, find four, and Card-Jitsu. During the integration with Cro76’s party, we became puffles and played igloo hide and seek and apparently penguin were having fun around the island.

Party 40 Party 41 Party 42 Party 43

And now introducing… the 1 month CP membership giveaway! The giveaway will happen later at the Giveaways page on the blog.

Hope penguins had a fun time celebrating Easter! Until then, waddle on!