Penguin Band

The Club Penguin Band was founded by G Billy, where they made their first debut at a dance club in 2006. It was formed by 4 members where they have been performing in different events. The most memorable thing is when they lost their instruments after a party in 2006, where penguins helped them find their instruments to get a rare background. The Penguin Band have been gone through 3 generations of their outfits: The instrument-only outfits, the hat and the instrument outfits and the modern band outfits.

The band currently consists of the following members:

  • Franky
  • G Billy
  • Petey K
  • Stompin Bob

Their last appearance is during the Music Jam party in 2011. Since then, there wern’t any more appearances of them.


G Billy

Petey K

Stompin Bob

Figures 1-4 The Penguin Band. In order: Franky, G Billy, Petey K, and Stompin Bob. Note: all are taken before the expansion of the friend list and removal of “users in room” list. (Music Jam 2011)


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