Club Penguin Times #506

Festival of Snow! – It a bright sunny week to make those marvelous snow sculptures and show them off across the island.

Rookie’s New Workout – Rookie is now in his new routine to train for his upcoming EPF tests.

CPTimes 506

Here’s this week’s comic:

CPTimes 506 Comic

Festival of Snow

The Festival of Snow is on! With the snow sculptures scattering all across the island, you’ll find the one that you’ll like to take a photo with!


Most of the snow sculptures are made with the inspirations of the artistic penguins around the world who submitted their amazing drawings to Club Penguin and got chosen as the featured snow sculptures for the festival!

Special thanks to these penguins who made the inspirations of the snow sculptures:

  • Adewilsom
  • Alexisfrio
  • Barby015
  • Bridgey27
  • Bristevo
  • Bubblz126
  • Chilly0ne
  • Coco12277
  • Concordio100
  • Didi Pengy
  • Floresita248
  • Janeti86704
  • Lili3390
  • Mepauset
  • Nellora
  • Onelia1234
  • Opal2004
  • Oscar4570
  • Patraquim1
  • Penny2415
  • Pin Guinchen
  • Purble2553
  • Right Angle
  • Sahfira
  • Shivie
  • Toon161
  • Tsveten 1
  • Waddles5626

And many more (couldn’t name them all due to space constraints, but penguins can look at the fan art by other artistic penguins located at the Cove)


Free Items: There are two free items for the festival: the Ice Crown located at the Iceberg and the Snowflake T-shirt located at the Ski Hill. Collect them by waddling to the free item box and confirm that you want to collect the item.

IcebergSki Hill

Waddle on!

German and Russian Club Penguin Shutting Down… For Good

Well, the speculation proved to be true.

Megg announced that the German and Russian languages of Club Penguin will be shutting down for good on September 2, 2015. That means penguins won’t be able to play Club Penguin in German and Russian after that date.

However, accounts created in the German and Russian languages of Club Penguin will still be usable in the other languages offered by Club Penguin: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

It’s sad to see them go, but players can share their favorite memories on the German and/or Russian languages of Club Penguin at

Waddle on!

Inside Out Party Concept Art

For the past few weeks, Rockhopper wrote some messages the his followers that were very hard for his followers to understand. The culprit might be that he ate some CURSED stinky cheese that caused him to lose his emotions and thereby his memories!

If you have seen the recently released Disney Pixar Inside Out movie (which I personally have), you should have known the five emotions that controlled a human’s brain. Obviously, I won’t spoil anything from the movie; it is up to you to watch the movie and guess those emotions.

This July, Club Penguin decided to apply those emotions to help Rockhopper restore his emotions leading to his memories with the one and only Inside Out Party! Here’s a concept art of the room:


More sneak peeks coming soon!

Sunglasses Pin

The Sunglasses Pin is located on the puffle statue of the Puffle Hotel at the Plaza and is available from June 25 until July 8. Penguins can access the Plaza using the Map or from the Snow Forts or the Forest.


Festival of Snow Preparations

The Festival of Snow is coming to Club Penguin on July 1, and now work is on progress across the island on the construction of all of the snow sculptures. Before the festival, can you guess which sculptures will be there?

Beach Cove Dock Forest Iceberg Mine Shack Plaza Ski Hill Ski Village Snow Forts Town

Puffle Party Guides


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