Space Adventure Planet “Y” Returns to the Stage

Space Adventure Planet “Y” has returned to the Stage as this month’s featured Stage play!


Plot: After Planet X crashed dramatically, Captain Snow finds another way to travel back to Club Penguin by SS Astro Barrier, but will face more problems while heading back…

There are clothing for members and backgrounds for everyone to purchase from all of the classic stage plays. Click here for the catalog secrets.

Waddle on!

Minor CP Updates: March 5

Here are the minor updates on CP for this week:

Membership Page Update – Club Penguin has updated its membership page to emphasize the benefits of becoming a CP member from unlimited online features to more monthly advanced features exclusively for members both online and on the Club Penguin iOS and Android apps.

MemPage Update

Postcards: The featured postcards catalog has been updated. Penguin can now send 13 themes of newly themed postcards to other penguins for 10 coins each. The featured themes are located on the first 3 pages of the catalog.

March 2015 1 of 3 March 2015 2 of 3 March 2015 3 of 3

Waddle on!

Club Penguin Times #489

SoundStudio Party Wraps Up – The SoundStudio Party was a success with lots of penguins dancing and mixing up their music for everyone to enjoy!

PH Has Plans – PH planned that it’s time to renovate and transform the old Ski Lodge into a new place to store new relics from the island.

Upcoming Events:

March 12: Furniture and Igloo Catalog

March 14: Pi Day

CPTimes 489

Glitterpants Pin

The Glitterpants Pin is available from March 5 until March 18 and it is located on the lifeguard station at the Cove. Penguins can access the Cove by using the Map or waddling from the Forest.


Penguin Style: March 2015

Today Club Penguin updated the Penguin Style catalog with the most recent version of the catalog. It features the new outfits relating to the Puffle Party along with the casual outfits.


  • Puffle Party outfits
  • Puffle Costumes hidden throughout the catalog
  • Casual outfits
  • Pet Shop Worker on Penguin at Work section


Catalog secrets are available by clicking here.

Waddle on!

Club Penguin Update: March 4

Tonight Club Penguin will be updated at around 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm PST with the following new features:

  • Penguin Style

  • Stage Play Update

  • New pin
  • New newspaper
  • Other updates TBD

Mod Meetup: March 2

*Penguins MUST have a compatible laptop or desktop computer to participate in the meetup.*

It’s the time where a mod from Club Penguin will be joining in the fun with the community with a weekly Mod Meetup. For this week, the featured mod is Margarines!

Here are Margarines’ favorite things and the meetup information:


Waddle on!

Puffle Party Guides


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