CP App Update to v1.6.6

Recently, Club Penguin released an update to the Club Penguin iOS app to version 1.6.6. In the newest update, everyone can enjoy the Rainbow Puffle Party on the app and adopt rainbow puffles until June 4.

Rainbow Puffle Icon

Download the app update: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/club-penguin/id505544063?mt=8 (you may need to change the country to download the app properly)

Minor CP Updates: May 21

Here are the minor updates on CP for this week:

Emotes: 3 new The Fair emotes are available for a limited time.


Loading Screen: The loading screen is updated to remind penguins about The Fair.

Load Screen 2015-05

Waddle on!

Issue 500 Pin

To celebrate the issue of the 500th edition of the Club Penguin Times, the Issue 500 pin is now available this week at the Book Room on the newspaper printing conveyer belt. Penguins can access the Book Room by waddling from the Coffee Shop.

Issue 500

Club Penguin Times #500

Amazement Park Opens! – The Amazement Park opens its doors as the Fair kicks off and it is better than ever with new games nd prizes for everyone to enjoy!

500th Issue!- As the Club Penguin Times head into its 10th year, Aunt Arctic is celebrating this milestone with everyone at the Coffee Shop. Click on this post to see where and when to meet Aunt Arctic.

CPTimes 500

The Fair 2015: Daily Spin

During the Fair, penguins can spin the wheel to win daily prizes, such as Fair tickets, coins or even items!

To spin the wheel, go to the Daily Spin wheel at the amusement park.


Drag the arrow downwards to spin the arrow on the wheel. Where the arrow stops at is what daily prize you’ll get. You’ll have a chance to win coins, Fair tickets or even silver tickets!

Daily Spin

Please note that you can only spin the wheel once every day unless the arrow landed on the extra spin slot. In that case, you’ll get an additional spin.

Good luck!

The Fair 2015: Prizes

During the duration of the Fair, penguins can get the prizes using the tickets they’ve earned from the Fair games. To go to the prize booth, click on the ticket logo on the top-right corner or go to the prize booth at the amusement park.


To exchange tickets for a prize, select a prize you want to spend your tickets on. Please note that some prizes are for members only while some are available only at a later date mentioned. Make sure that you have enough tickets to redeem the prize.

Prizes 1Prizes 2Prizes 3Prizes 4

The Fair 2015: Games

The following 14 Fair games listed are available exclusively during the Fair. These games allow penguins to earn tickets, and penguins can use the tickets to exchange for prizes at the Prize Booth.

All games can be accessed from the different areas of the park while the 7 traditional Fair games are also available at some igloos where the booths are installed.

The 7 Fair games available for all players are:

  • Balloon Pop
  • Feed-A-Puffle
  • Lunar Launch
  • Memory Cards
  • Puffle Paddle
  • Puffle Shuffle
  • Puffle Soaker

Balloon Pop Feed-A-Puffle Lunar Launch Memory Cards Puffle Paddle Puffle Shuffle Puffle Soaker

6 additional Fair games are accessible to members only. They are the following:

  • Buccaneer Boats: Members will use the tube as a boat and drive the boat and touch the appearing signs to win additional tickets.
  • Bulls Eye: Members will use snowballs to hit appearing targets to win additional tickets.
  • Marooned Lagoon: Members will be in a lake where they will enter a cave and use snowballs to hit the appearing targets to win additional tickets.
  • The Space Squid: Recreational roller coaster for members who want to try the extreme rides.
  • Wagon Wheel: Recreational ferris wheel for members to see the landscape of Club Penguin.
  • Medieval Dragons: Members will use snowballs to hit appearing targets to win additional tickets.

Buccaneer Boats Bulls Eye Marooned Lagoon 1 Marooned Lagoon 2 The Space Squid Wagon WheelMedieval Monsters

There are two arcade games available at Galaxy Park. For one of them (Virtual World), penguins become pixelated and need to catch the items on the game screen to win additional tickets.


For another one (Super Hero bounce), penguins bounce on crystals to bounce higher to get more points, with 1 ticket per 10 points. Click on this post and refer to the “hero game” section for more details.


Puffle Party Guides


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