Fire Ninja

Card-Jitsu Fire is a game in the Card-Jitsu series, and it is the first game that rely on elements in the original Card-Jitsu game. Two to four players fight with comparing cards within the selected element. Players try to survive with fire energy, and loses if they run out of energy. The original Card-Jitsu rules is also ported to this game where they compare cards using the original Card-Jitsu rules, and the player with the best card gets to steal one energy point from the other player.

To play Card-Jitsu Fire:

1. Go to the Dojo.

Current Dojo 2

2. Enter the Fire Dojo through the Fire door.

3. Go to Fire Sensei to get your Fire Booster Deck.

Fire Dojo

4. Click on “Earn your Fire Suit” to find players to play with. After 10 seconds run out or you gathered 4 players the game will start.

Menu 1

5. Players take turn to move to different spaces by selecting the number spaces in the middle, then select one of two highlighted spaces on the board.

Game 1

Stones 1

6. If the player landed on an element space, all players play a card within the selected element. The player with the strongest card wins.

Stones 2

Game 2

7. If the player landed on the amulet space, the player can select the element to play.

8. If the player landed on the Card-Jitsu space, the player can choose the player to fight, then they play a card. The strongest card using the original Card-Jitsu rules wins. The player can also choose the space with the other player(s) on it, but will automatically fight with the player on the space.

9. Players start with 6 fire energy points during the start of a game. Each time a player loses an element or Card-Jitsu fight he/she will lose 1 energy point. A player is eliminated if he/she loses all of his/her energy points. After other players are eliminated, the remaining player wins.


10. Players gain progress points and Fire Suit items when continuing the game. When you have all 4 pieces of the Fire Suit, you can challenge Fire Sensei for the Fire Gem for your Amulet.

11. Click on “Challenge Sensei” to play against Sensei. Normal rules apply for this game. When you defeat Sensei, you will receive the Fire Gem, which means you are a certified Fire ninja!

Menu 2

Sensei Game


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