Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission

Synopsis: You will be asked by G to prove that you’re an agent before he assigns you a secret mission.



1. (Day 1) Click on G and tell him that you’re receiving a mission. He’ll give you a clue to the answer that he’s asking.

Step 1-1

2. Go to the Ski Hill and click on the directions sign. Decode each of the direction signs until you find an answer that matches with G’s hints.

Step 2-1Step 2-2

3. Return to the Sport Shop and click on G. Type in “mogul” and confirm the answer. If it is correct, click on “Yes.” He’ll reveal a prototype sled and your mission is to test drive the sled. Place the sled into your inventory.

Step 3-1

4. Return to the Ski Hill and use the sled on the Test Run. Drive the sled until you crash.

Step 4-1Step 4-2

5. At the wilderness, you’ll find a survival guide. Read the survival guide carefully.

Step 5-1

6. Complete the following:

  • Collect O’berries (maximum 3)
  • Shake the saucepan off the tree
  • Collect water using the saucepan
  • Collect a piece of rope and a usable ski and make a fishing rod
  • Use a O’berry to use as bait to catch a fish
  • Lure the black puffle to follow you
  • Find a shelter

Step 6-1 Step 6-2 Step 6-3 Step 6-4 Step 6-5 Step 6-6 Step 6-7 Step 6-8 Step 6-9 Step 6-10 Step 6-11 Step 6-12

7. Once you found a shelter, make a fireplace by positioning the rocks, placing the wood over the rocks, using the survival guide book as tinder, and have the black puffle light up the fireplace.

Step 7-1 Step 7-2 Step 7-3

8. Boil the water and grill the fish on the fireplace you’ve made.

Step 8-1 Step 8-2

9. (Day 2) Exit the shelter. You’ll see someone outside rescuing you. Return to the Sport Shop and meet G.

Step 9-1Step 9-2Step 9-3

Rewards: Mission 2 Medal, G’s Letter, 45 EPF Medals



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