Gold Puffle Quest

There is also a special way to adopt gold puffles unlike the normal method of adopting a puffle. To adopt a gold puffle, penguins will need to find gold nuggets hidden around the island.

To adopt a gold puffle:

1. Walk your puffle to the Pet Shop and step on the Gold O’Berry machine. Insert 10 coins into the machine for feed your puffle a Gold O’Berry.

Pet Shop RoomMachine

2. Once the Gold O’Berry sign is over your puffle, go around the island and find the hidden gold nuggets. A button on the top-right corner will show how many gold nuggets you currently have.

Status Button

3. When your puffle dug out gold nugget(s), you’ll see a confirmation screen with the number of gold nuggets your puffle has dug out. Your puffle needs to dig out 15 gold nuggets to unlock the jackhammer located at the Cave Mine.

Gold Nugget 1Gold Nugget 2Gold Nugget 3

4.  Once you collected 15 gold nuggets, go to the Cave Mine and unlock the special jackhammer on the puffle-shaped floor.

Cave Mine

5. When you unlock the jackhammer, you’ll get the gold puffle. Select a name for your gold puffle.

Puffle Name

6. Confirm your puffle name. If successful, you’ll get the adoption certificate and a puffle toy for the gold puffle.


7. When walking your gold puffle, you’ll get the opportunity to dig out golden items. A list of golden items are available by clicking here.


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