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Events happening on Club Penguin

What’s Happening in August 2015?

Megg announced the fun stuff that is happening this month, but how about starting with you penguins solving the word scramble?

Here’s the Word Scramble:

1. idd uoy nitoec?!
2. nsfhiao ecaf off (senak epek)
3. nfiipdeshr day
4. epluff rhladne emte-up
5. attiilnrnnaeo cta ady
6. einntrtnoaila eshnlfdrate yad
7. sretrpeeepcousjrtc nekas eekp
8. igtsebg laoatgc rvee
9. teh safoinh elsavtif
10. emweraonlt ayd
11. tanu itccra eetm-pu
Answers coming soon!
UPDATE: Here are the answers!
1. did you notice?!
2. fashion face off (sneak peek)
3. friendship day
4. puffle handler meet-up
5. international cat day
6. international lefthanders day
7. projectsupersecret sneak peek
8. biggest catalog ever
9. the fashion festival
10. watermelon day
11. aunt arctic meet-up

Preview: Confirmed Events for July 2015

Now that we’ve entered the summer holidays for most Club Penguin players, how about we look at what’s happening on the month of July 2015 (there’s lots of stuff):


(click on the image above to enlarge)

Daffodaily5’s Goodbye Parade

Daffodaily5, a long-time member of the Club Penguin Team, is moving on from Club Penguin to persue her new career after a brilliant and exciting time with the CP community. Before she moves on to her new career, Daffo will be hosting a parade on the following servers starting at the Plaza:

* 4:00pm (8:00am PST) – English, Big Foot server
* 4:15pm (8:15am PST) – Spanish, Avalancha server
* 4:30pm (8:30am PST) – German, Handschuhe server
* 4:45pm (8:45am PST) – French, Yeti Server


This might be your once and final chance to meet Daffo, so make sure to be there! In the meantime, share your favourite memories with Daffo by commenting at

Until then, waddle on!

Update: Loustik005 (French CP blogger), Koa Koralle (German CP blogger), and Karlapop321 (Spanish CP blogger) are also leaving Club Penguin and moving on to their new careers. That means it will be their last appearance on CP, so BE SURE TO DROP BY AND SAY GOODBYE! :(

Mod Meetup: March 2

*Penguins MUST have a compatible laptop or desktop computer to participate in the meetup.*

It’s the time where a mod from Club Penguin will be joining in the fun with the community with a weekly Mod Meetup. For this week, the featured mod is Margarines!

Here are Margarines’ favorite things and the meetup information:


Waddle on!

Daffodaily5’s Safer Internet Day Meetup

To celebrate the Safer Internet Day, a day to promote online and Internet safety and security, Daffodaily5 will be holding a meetup today only (February 10). Make sure to wear your Online Safety Sweater before attending! Here are the details:


Waddle on!

CP Blog: Use the Force with Chatta

Chattabox is now inviting everyone to join her Star Wars Rebels™ Takeover igloo party at a galaxy far and far away. To celebrate the success of the takeover, she’s going to dress on her Star Wars-inspired outfit. For you, dress up in your favorite Star Wars-inspired outfit and most importantly – watch out for the Stormtroopers!


The party happens on Thursday Feb. 5 at the following start times in different regions:

  • 4pm East Australian Standard Time
  • 6pm New Zealand Time
  • 5am UK time
  • 9pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday Feb. 4

The meetup point is at the Forest on the Down Under server.

Waddle on!

Mod Meetup – February 2

*Penguins MUST have a compatible laptop or desktop computer to use this feature.*

It’s the time where a mod from Club Penguin will be joining in the fun with the community with a weekly Mod Meetup. For this week, the featured mod is Megg!

Here are Megg’s favorite things and meetup information:


Waddle on!